Workshop Series

Customized Workshops designed for your business situation


SAP Workshop – Business ONE Edition

Bringing together the most forward thinking SAP Experts and Customers! We will show you what’s under the surface and then take you beyond the limits of your SAP system.

Are you using your SAP Business ONE system to the fullest?

Many SAP Business ONE customers have questions about their system. We have designed an SAP Workshop with focus on SAP Business ONE. Our team consists of renowned SAP experts including the author of a best selling SAP Business ONE book and a selected group of experienced SAP consultants and SAP mentors.

SAP BI Edge Workshop

Learn the best reporting strategies for your SAP ECC system. In this workshop we showcase queries, developing a data model based on system tracing, BI Edge tools, SAP Dashboard tools and more.


SAP BI Edge Book plus Workshop

Your organization needs to optimize the reporting capabilities of SAP ECC 6.0 ? We offer a workshop in line with the concepts presented in the book SAP BI Edge. The book is available via Espresso Tutorials.

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