N2ONE delivers

N2ONE delivers

The N2ONE Portal eCommerce is designed for growing businesses

The N2ONE Portal eCommerce is designed for growing businesses

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or want to integrate your existing eCommerce with your ERP?

N2ONE Solution Highlights

Storefront UI

The N2ONE Portal UI has the following characteristics:

  • Responsive
  • Full CSS Design Flexibility
  • Templates
  • Personalization

Marketing is the key and provides the following:

  • Newsletter Service
  • Lists based on purchasing behavior
  • Abandoned Cart Lists
  • customized lists
  • Location tracking and targeting
Checkout Process
  • Customizable checkout process based on needs
  • Easy add to cart for multiple products
  • Seamless experience across all channels
ERP Integration
  • Automated and customizable integration processes give you the edge when it comes to process performance
“Increase Revenue” Consulting Package

We offer a “Increase Revenue” package that includes all you need to take the needed steps to compete on the next level.

IT Management

Making the IT investment easy is a key factor. When we talk about the platform then we are not talking about business goals. Hence the N2ONE platform is focused on staying in the background as an enabling factor.

Sales Agents

You need to integrate a nationwide network of sales agent? With the N2ONE Portal you can quickly leverage your powerful network without the cost of additional licenses.

Corporate Strategy

Modern eCommerce strategy requires that the operative metrics are available so that you can position your products and react to market needs quickly.

How can you compete with Amazon?

With better operative information!

Read our White Paper “How to compete with Amazon! – An eCommerce Guide”