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Some words about our main partners


We have been partnering with SAP for many years and have evolved through many different levels or partnering. We used to be a VAR and focused on selling licenses. As our company grew stronger, we saw the need for software development AddOns to improve core SAP functionality. Hence we became a global ISV for SAP. The N2ONE Portal Solution was certified with the SAP Certification Center. We then continued partnering with Hybris as a leading eCommerce platform and when Hybris became an SAP company it was a perfect setting for us.


Oracle delivers the leading database platform. We have created database solutions for Quality Control including many global companies such as UBS (United Bank of Switzerland), various other financial institutions and Automotive Suppliers. Our latest solution for the Oracle Customer base is a workflow oriented business performance platform based on analytics with dashboards. The solution is available in the Oracle Store.


Hewlett-Packard is our oldes partner. We literally started in the garage like their advertisement used to go. However that is many years ago and today Hewlett-Packard is still our main server partner, but we are waiting for them to develop some steam and get back in the market.


We are a Microsoft ISV. As such we have certified many applications with their certification process including N2ONE Bits. Most of our solutions are based on Visual Studio Developments using C#. We are also very fond of the 365 Office Hosting Service. We use it for our business and we recommend it to most of our customers.


Our branch in Germany NIEFERT GmbH is specializing in Test&Measurement Equipment for Quality Control. We develop software for these applications also. These applications are designed for mass data processing and fast response time without downtime. Well, we use this experience when we work on modern eCommerce and the new IoT solutions.


PayPal is integrated with the N2ONE Portal for payment processing. We also use PayPal API processing with N2ONE Bits.


Currently the preferred payment processing engine for the N2ONE Portal.


UPS tracking is fully integrated with the N2ONE Portal.


FedEx rates and tracking is integrated with the N2ONE Portal.